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Basic fundamentals of worth 12 years

The point of schooling is something that seems to go over a lot of people’s heads. Nobody cares what you learn in school. At all. I mean come on. Who cares if you can remember the algebraic formulas or the first Governor General of India?

It is a matter of obscuring the power of our minds. To be broad, it builds the basic fundamental blocks of our mind. A regular illiterate, though sharing a common origin might be having higher IQ than mine in cases. The only way that makes our lives different is the accessibility to schooling. Straightly, If I never had the chance to get annoyed of unlimited homework, pull off some thousand of regular tests, then how the heck I could even be able to write this blog? Of course, those test didn’t have any relation with blog writing. I guess, I wouldn’t need to justify it explicitly.

The remarkable 2000 year was rolled on when my parents were planning to enroll me into Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2, Patiala, A central government school. I don’t remember the impression I had about schools. Nevertheless, I was positive. Why not? My parents were doing it. I think I was pretty unaware that it would go for twelve long years. And if someone had told me that, surely I would have asked him, “How much is that?”.

So, If I sum up all. My schooling was proportionated into four parts.

  1. The primary wing, that made me speak, write and learn to learn.
  2. The secondary wing, that turned me into a teenager and obliged me to realize I had more understanding of science than other subjects.
  3. The Pre-Senior secondary wing, i.e., 11th class, that diverted me from my path and enforced me to dream bigger.
  4. The Senior secondary wing, i.e., 12th class, that brought me back to study and enforced me to at least for a little time, believe in marks much more than knowledge.

Twelve long years passed by. Six hours each day. At one damn place. And If you ask a Mathematical nerd, more than a lakh of hours at the Vidyalaya.

It wasn’t any such atmosphere of my school as in Harvard or Stanford –  The names that comes to our mind when we talk about Prestige. Even the auto-correction suggests them. Anyhow, The prestigiousness of my school was neither too bad to complain about. We all dream of the best, don’t we?

Schooling gave me so much importance to my life.

It provided the opportunity to learn, develop communication and social skills.

That ThinkQuest life changing event? It’s never too early to triumph an international event 😉 All that was breathtaking.

Can’t miss how my vitality expanded with FRIENDS! This is the best part of all this. Isn’t it?

Criticizing schooling like every another student, I too fall victim being miserable at the last day of my school life.

With all this, I am now eligible to say it officially, that I have learned the basic fundamental of life and living.

GEE. Is that all I got in the last twelve year? Apparently yes.

Psychologically speaking, It was the cognitive development.

Thank you, School. Period.

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