The Cut-off Odyssey

“We are the Rats of our generation”. And why disagree? The grading system in secondary schools, Joint entrance exam (JEE) with mandatory addition of board marks in non-medical, National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) for medical students and a recent flashing statement, “Holding of National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is legal, practical and is the need of the society. Hence, I have dissented,” Justice Dave said. Every change that did not happen in the last decade was decided to be imposed (tested) over our batch.

One change was also being planned for us – The four-year undergraduate program (FYUP) at Delhi University. It landed grievously over my mind informing that the undergraduate program will now be comprised of four years. Several questions and protest raised, claiming that the new education system is “misconceived and illegal”.

Scratching my head and browsing over every regular news and update, I realized that this was the right time to panic. Open day, an admission seminar organized by DU later gave a better perception of the change.

There wasn’t a choice to go for Bachelor of science in Environmental Science, as I planned to do. I had to choose between Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Geology, Anthropology, Biomedical science, and Biochemistry – The major subjects decided by DU. I was confused. But I knew that Geology was still something that would take me to my dream. Sadly, two colleges presently offered Geology out of which one was Hans Raj college, a well know college of DU and Ram Lal Anand college the other one.

It looked insane at first that we would be studying 11 compulsory foundation courses, a major and a minor course along with the applied courses. The objective was to bring “all-round development and better practical knowledge of the subject”. In addition, successful pursuit of the four-year programme shall lead to the award of the Bachelor of Honours degree.

We should understand that being a part of a change is a lucky thing because change is the life itself.

Fine. But I guess this change was going to bring a little to much competition. I mean, one use to choose their main subject from a wide range of subjects but this time, the options were the way to less. And of course, the online registration made an easy way to attract more applicants. The news was already enough to take me to short trauma. There was 50% increase in applicants this year.

The first cut-off came out with a startle. Geology opened up at Hans Raj college and Ram Lal Anand College at a whopping cutoff. As per last year, there was an increase in 10% in aggregate. I was gone blank. Completely blank. I didn’t ever think about opting any other subject. And It was not wise to wait for the next cut-offs.

After pulling a lot of thoughts up and computing the colleges and their respective percentage, I came over a decision that I would go with Microbiology at Ram Lal Anand college. It was hard, really hard, to imagine my future as a microbiologist at that time. I left it over my luck and believed that whatever I would go with, It would be best for me.

Neither the second cut-off bought my satisfaction back. I was lacking just 1% to get the seat! So embarrassing that those were just 3 marks that disabled me to get the thing in my hand. I still had faith. I tried to settle my mind back to normal. Eventually, the third cut-off made my way to the world of Geology! That wasn’t the only good news planned up for me that month. It took a bit long and I found a road taking me to the Hans Raj college. That was sixth Cut-off. It wasn’t ordinary at all. Hans Raj college is marked in top 10 colleges of Science in India. And the campus was indeed so exotic. It was the ThinkQuest result night only when that sort of happiness glinted on me. And it all came back to me. After three weeks of anxiety and tiredness, I was feeling determined as never before.

Entering the college, I realized, With great things comes great challenges. More than half of the students in my batch scored 93% and in fact, many of them possess a dominating personality. The college/dream/future is now opened up with the heaviness of responsibility and unlimited resources. I now have the time to live my dreams. I am nervous. I am excited. I am determined. Dreams are on!

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