Life without a smartphone

20th Feb,

I was coming back from Hindu College’s Mecca concert. Papoon was a total rock star that night! It was my first live concert show after all.

It was late evening, around 6 O’clock. And I had to catch a bus from Maurice Nagar. At first, I was quite aware of the fact that it was late and the bus was already overcrowded. But the other moment when the bus reached my stand, I lost my attention on a bunch of people who didn’t let me go out of the bus. “Are yaar! Utarne to do at least”, and just then I found my pocket lighter than ever. It was, I guess, just a delay of 2-3 second when I looked down and that bastard was already taking the phone out of my pocket. Within another second, It was gone.

Despite my shout, the people standing around me didn’t give a fuck, at all. However, a well-looking gentleman, standing near the door, just told me that a guy in red t-shirt ran away a moment ago. I had to believe that. So I jumped from the slow running bus right away! I nearly fell down on the road and then ran across every direction to find the convict. Nobody was there in a red t-shirt. And Voila, the bus was gone!

Without thinking for a second, I rushed toward home. The day wasn’t so bad as it looked. Fortunately, I had got internet connectivity enabled on my phone that day. I had even set-up a backup plan – The Anti-theft app called Cerberus. That stupid thief hadn’t turned the phone off yet, as he must have pictured my running away as a mark of giving up. I tracked him down. He was right there on that bus.

I was able to remotely format my phone, lock it and capture the picture of the prey without letting him know. However, the internet wasn’t fast enough to get that picture via E-Mail. At least I was able to format the phone!

I called my phone. But guess what! That damn guy was using those remaining 20 rupees of balance on my phone! One can depict how secure thief feels in India today! After an hour or so, the phone was switched off. That was it.

I quickly filled a request to block my phone number to the network operator. And called 100. So far I hadn’t known about 100. A call once made to 100, the complaint must be executed by the nearest police station. A moment later the police station near me called back and summoned us to come to the police station.

So the day had finally come when I had the unwelcome privilege to visit a Police Station! The surprising thing is that only a few days back I had thought about Police Station. I had wished that I never get to go to a Police Station in my life! All I expected was that they were going to make fun of the situation or maybe scold me for carrying a phone like that. But going there was also important so as to get a certificate of appreciation known as FIR! A document to get a little safe side, so as if the phone is misused in future, I could get a little immunity.

I was wrong. Or maybe lucky. That the senior inspector was eager to hear about the incident. I told him everything about what happened and how I was tracking him. He was eager to catch him as he mentioned that “People come to me with cases that have no leads. This was the first time I found a case that had a lead on the thief”. He provided me a laptop with internet so that I could get the next location. However, the phone was switched off by then. It was 11 of the night, and the last location was near a Rashan shop.  The policeman wanted me to go with him. We were ready to go until we realized that we didn’t have a hard copy of the bill receipt of the phone. As it was ordered online from the Google play store in Canada.

My dad requested him to leave the case right there as even if we get the phone back, we won’t get it right away. Court cases and messing with such thief was the last thing on Earth that my family could think of to get that phone back.

I had to give up. That night I discovered that even if Police was ready to do their job, the present law wasn’t just so soft for us to go with. And hence, we had to let another thief go free and hunt for a new victim.

That was my story. But I heard about dozen more from dozen more people. Surprisingly, two cases from within my class within a week. During those days, I was made to understand that even if we catch them, they won’t let us live safely. Plus they come with sharp pointing accessories that might even kill you. Everyone concluded that this is now common in Delhi and you can only delay the inevitable.

It’s almost a month now. And I had never thought that it will be that hard to not have it in my hand. It was special to me as it was my favorite phone in the whole market. Not even an iPhone could do that well.

Damn! I do have a smartphone. A phone with a little old technology but still a smartphone. But I miss it so much! Like really really!

We are bound. Addicted. Or more accurately, dependent upon smartphones today.

For those who still don’t have it – Don’t have it. Word of advice!


Later that year:

With a long effort of seamless hard work, I was able to collect a lot of information of my phone’s location and the person using it. Multiple visits to the police station and months of wait finally gifted me the stolen phone back! After six long months, the phone was back to my hands. Shining still as the First Google Android phone 😀

Basically, life without a smartphone is so not 21st century-ish thing 😛

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