Mars & Jupiter Timelapse

The red and the brightest one is mars. This star trail series was shot for about 1 hour 40 minutes WITHOUT shutter remote. And when I say without remote, it’s crazy to even think about it. Manually triggering the camera after every two minutes for about 100 minutes is not a joke. It’s one hell of a dedication.

For this, I would like to thank Aditi Verma and Priyadarshan Pandey for making it possible. We did this in shifts. Also, thanks to Aditya Prakash for keeping us safe from tigers :’D Doing this in the middle of night, away from lights and in the middle of wildlife jungle is peeing in the pant scary

Mars and Jupiter are the brightest celestial body in the sky of April. This timelapse took around 4 hours all WITHOUT a shutter remote. So just like the Mars trail photo, Jupiter shots were also shot the same way for about 2 hours.

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