Run Of The Mill

Numerous people blog today. But why is it so crucial in our lives? Describing here why you should get into this thought sharing hypothesis today.

This is all basic: We live-We grow-We think. And we begin learning to handle a massive traffic of thoughts. Each day we get something to share with the loved-ones and in return expect something back. Our “being human” attitude is derived from the same.

Being the proud initiative of the twenty-first century, we brought Blogging as another medium of this sharing hypothesis.

This is the perfect time for me to get into this orthodox. Clearing up the high school, turning to legal majority age division and then realizing the need to have one free platform to broadcast my work, ideas, and thoughts to the people who care. Here I am. Let’s blog.

Pretty sure that even if I get zero audiences (worst case scenario), this is going to be for sure worthwhile.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to learn to:

• Organize your thoughts

• Open enough to broadcast your notions (Worldwide!)

• Buckle up your special days in archive divided in months

• Get a chance to impress the girl reading it 😛

• Get a grip on the right words at right time

• Symbolize your virtue that separates you from other.

• And of course, if you are good at geeky stuff, its just your thing.

After spending some months on developing the website, I am here to share my thoughts, photographs, life events and some useful resources for the audience.

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