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SquadRun – Get payed for completing data missions

Happy birthday and congratulations on turning 2 SquadRun!

Pic courtesy: SquadRun

In order to celebrate the awesomeness that SquadRun shared over the past two years, I would like to post my review on it 🙂

Let’s try to narrow down reasons the players love SquadRun,

  1. Missions availability: The missions comes up in such a large quantity that you are able to fulfill your earning target very easily. And trust me, over the two years I have seen this quantity grow from few dozens to thousands! And they have bigger plans for future.
  2. The support: Just drop a query or problem, and they solve it before the sun sets. Support is polite, quick and they care a lot for their players.
  3. The team: The team works day and night to make SquadRun awesome that it has become in such a short time. Being a part of SuperSquad member, I have even seen them working at 3 AM, while we complete our missions.
  4. SuperSquad: Perks of being a great player is that you get to be a part of the community and get exclusive missions and support. You even get huge bonuses (as much as Rs.600/week)
  5. The App interface: Over the two years, SquadRun has turned from Beta to a super stable version that can handle thousands of missions, transactions, and players. When you say that, it is not as easy to accomplish as it sounds. I just love the new material design!
  6. The rewards: Earn, and redeem it with PayTM. As simple as that. And then you can buy anything or even transfer it to your bank account using PayTM!
  7. Reward amount: Well I have earned more than Rs.15,000 a month just by working 2-3 hours a day. This is huge, given the convenience at your fingertips. The reward amount per mission is very reasonable. So much, that you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of your time to earn few hundreds or thousands of rupees.
  8. Mission difficulty: The tasks are fairly easy ranging from data categorization, image tagging, image or review moderation, calling for collecting information, matching items etc. You don’t have to do all, just do whichever you like!
  9. Be your own boss: Imagine a part-time job that allows you to work at home, at any time of the day for as long as you like. Well, here it is. “Boring day? Do some missions and earn some pennies. Busy day? No worries, you can catch up some other day!”
  10. Occasional surprises: It’s not just about doing tasks. They care all the people connected with it as a community and keep coming up with engaging activities such as Diwali gifts for top players or social media interactions rewards.

I have been earning quite a lot of money from SquadRun and it allowed me to buy my favourite things I follow such as photography lenses and equipment. In fact, I recently bought OnePlus 2 and a large portion of my savings was from SquadRun only! 😀

Thank you for being so awesome SquadRun!

Pic courtesy: SquadRun

What are you waiting for? Download it from here and Game on!

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